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Products and Services

At Excel Engineering we fabricate such elevator components like Bed Plates, Counterweight Frames, Beams, Entrance Frame Assembly, etc. We possess the necessary expertise and experience in fabricating the most challenging and unique elevator interiors to the most simple and basic models.

Some of the elevator parts we fabricate and their definition:

Bed Plate: Also called Baseplate, it is a plate, platform or a frame supporting the lighter parts of a machine. The motor and bedplate structures forms an interal part of the elevators.

Counterweight Frames: A typical "counterweight" is an equivalent counterbalancing weight that balances a load in an elevator. In traction (non-hydraulic) elevators, a heavy counterweight counterbalances the load of the elevator car, so the motor lifts much less of the car's weight (specifically, the counterweight is the weight of the car plus 40-50% of its rated capacity). The counterweight also increases the ascending acceleration force and decreases the descending acceleration force to reduce the amount of power needed by the motor. The elevator car and the counterweights both have guide rollers attached to them to prevent irregular movement and provide a smoother ride for the passengers. The frames that helps contain the counterweight are called "Counterweight Frames".

Entrance Frame Assembly: Entrance Frame are also called Hallway Entrance Frames. These are the components that form part of the interior of the elevator car.